3 Powerful Habits To Transform Your Life

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If you want to transform your life, you have to pay attention to the little things — those you need to constantly do and those you need to stop doing. Make you a one percent better every day with these three powerful habits!

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In this article:

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  1. Have an Idea Journal
  2. Remind Yourself  Your Self-Esteem Should Come From You
  3. A Different Look on the Concept of “Being Informed”

How to Transform Your Life and Achieve Personal Growth, Success, and Happiness With These Three Habits

Doing a Life Cleanse to Transform Your Life

Turning things around isn’t easy — it’s not like you can expect to magically become better after just reading a bunch of self-help books.

To change your life for the better, you have to do a cleanse for how you think, consume information, and how you make yourself feel. Going out of your comfort zone and embracing change is necessary if you want to keep improving, reach your goals, and eventually transform your life.

Slowly incorporating these three habits into your daily life can help you in changing your life for the better.

1. Have an Idea Journal

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Keep a journal.

They say that if you don’t use it, you lose it. Even the most skilled pianist in the world will feel rusty after not having played for a week, let alone for a whole year.

Ideas are the fuel of innovation. If you want to be successful, you have to have a lot of ideas.

Not all of them necessarily have to be good. A bunch of bad ideas can still be improved.

Writing 10 ideas a day strengthens your idea generation skills. The idea is to write down any idea that pops into your head because the goal is to train your idea muscle, your mind.

Sticking to this habit for a year generates 3650 ideas, and maybe one of them will change your life.

By sticking to this routine, you’ll amass a ton of ideas you can share to colleagues and like-minded people. By doing this, you open possibilities, opportunities, and can even turn this idea into action.

  • Got an idea for a business? Pitch it to an investor!
  • Came up with a cool restaurant concept? Brainstorm with your friends on how to make it operational!
  • Have an idea of how another person can improve their personal or professional life? Help them out!

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2. Remind Yourself  Your Self-Esteem Should Come From You

Happy couple chasing each other on bike | Powerful Habits To Transform Your Life | forming habits
Believe in yourself.

It’s natural to care about what others think. Other people’s opinions of us are like bullets that can hit our insecurities.

We’re social animals and the yearning to be liked is something that’s hard to shake. We all have childhood traumas and other bad experiences we’re trying to overcome.

However, if it comes to the point where you’re outsourcing your worth and self-esteem to others, it becomes something unhealthy and potentially destructive. It’s going to be hard to achieve lasting happiness this way since you’ll always turn to other people to find it.

If you value yourself only as how other people value you, you’ve given them control over your self-esteem. Having this mindset traps you in an endless loop of emotional fragility and lack of confidence.

Being comfortable in your own skin is easier said than done but it’s attainable. Accepting what you are, what you have, and everything you’ve been through is a start.

Here are other things which might help:

  • Be mindful of instances where you outsource your worth to other things or people. For example, if you did something, what was your motivation behind it? Did you do it to make you happy or just so others would like you more?
  • Take every opportunity to remind yourself of how far you’ve come. Remember your accomplishments no matter how big or small.
  • Practice meditation to de-stress if the thought of even just one person thinking negatively about you makes you anxious. Push those negative thoughts aside and focus on the positive things. Tell yourself you’re awesome as you are regardless of what others say.

3. A Different Look on the Concept of “Being Informed”

Night reading | Powerful Habits To Transform Your Life | how to change your habits
Stay informed.

People watch the news because they want to “be informed”, but what does this really mean? You can become informed by reading anything, even the label of your shampoo.

Can you list down anything useful you’ll lose after ditching the news? This will make you realize it hasn’t really done anything to improve your life, expand your knowledge, achieve success, or help others.

While it may be an admirable attempt to contribute during dinner conversations or small talk with strangers, you’ll later observe nobody really knows what they’re talking about.

These days, news stories are becoming fillers in between advertisements. The quality of information we get suffers from quick deadlines and turnaround times.

The reality is, most of what we get from the news these days is just what’s on the surface. The well isn’t running deep because, in this space, success is measured by likes and virtual reactions rather than reporting the truth.

A lot of people these days think scratching the surface makes their opinions valid and the truth. Isn’t it funny how one can proclaim bold statements on things they’ve learned about just hours ago from a viral video or unverified claim?

Additionally, some news also tends to sensationalize issues. The intent isn’t to inform anymore since it becomes biased and shifts to persuading people to believe in what they’re peddling.

What To Do Instead…

As an alternative, reallocate the time you use to watch the news so you can inform yourself the old-fashioned way. Read books — fiction and non-fiction alike.

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By reading quality fiction, you become a better communicator and it can help improve your writing skills. The author’s creativity can also take you out of your bubble and expand your mind beyond what you’re used to.

To learn something properly, put in the time and read non-fiction books that have been crafted by experts in the field. Just as you’re putting in the time to hone your craft, so too have the authors devoted months and even years to sharing everything they know in that book.

Want to read about human interest angles and other people’s lives? Reading biographies of heroes you admire is so much more informational than hearing about the latest celebrity feuds and scandals.

In this journey, it’s easy to forget your purpose and goals when the going gets rough. But, even in these difficult times, you can take steps to change your life so you can get back on track to living a life worth living.

Do you have any life transformation tips? Let us know in the comments section below!

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