5 Translation Tools to Help You Out

orange translate button highlighted on white keyboard | Feature Image | 5 Translation Tools to Help You Out
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The translation process can often be tedious, with long delivery times and poor quality translations. Luckily, with today’s technology, software, and resources, you can easily find effective translation tools to help you out when hiring professional interpreters and translators is out of the question. Here are some useful translation tools to help out.



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In This Article:

  1. Google Translate
  2. Linguee
  3. SDL Trados Studio
  4. Microsoft Translator
  5. ITranslate

Translation Tools – Lifesaver for Those in Need

Google Translate

google translate app on phone screen | Google Translate | 5 Translation Tools to Help You Out

You can’t have a great translation tools list without the most popular and used tool in the world, Google Translate. It was initially launched in 2006 and has more than 600 million users worldwide, translating over 100 billion words per day. Google Translate can currently support about 109 languages, including Odia, Tatar, Kinyarwanda, Turkmen, Uyghur, Norwegian, Portuguese,… and many other languages.

This tool is famous for its many convenient and useful features:

  • Text – This is the primary feature that Google Translate offers to its users. You can type the text you want to be translated in and let it do the rest. This tool has the ability to translate in real-time, which means the words are translated as fast as you can type them.
  • Speech – You can speak into your microphone, and the tool will help you translate it in real-time. This is also a great way to save your time typing the words in.
  • Language detection – Using AI technology, Google Translate can quickly identify the source language if you have no idea of the language.
  • Handwriting translation – Besides the conventional text translation, it also enables you to draw characters and letters with a touchscreen of your smartphones, tablets, or mobile device. This feature has proven to be very useful when users want to translate characters and symbols from specific languages.
  • Document support – Translate the files you upload.

The app version also has these additional features:

  • Instant camera translation – With this feature, you just need to hold the camera right up to the text, and it will immediately get translated.
  • Camera mode – You can take a picture of the visible text then the app will scan and translate the part that you highlighted.
  • Conversation mode – You can talk to another person in real-time
  • Offline mode – With a pre-downloaded file of a specific language, you can use it without an internet connection.


Linguee translation tool seems to stand out from the crowd as it operates a little differently from the others. Instead of merely providing you with the translation for a phrase or word, Linguee also gives you various examples of how it’s used in a sentence or a context.

This is all possible thanks to the learning algorithm of Linguee, which is fed with bilingual texts by using web crawlers. It has access to over one billion translations, which can be reviewed for precision and accuracy.

SDL Trados Studio

One of the most useful translation tools for non-professionals and professionals alike. This is a computer-assisted translation tool, or CAT for short, and is created for professional translation work. It has features such as:

  • Translation memory – This tool builds a database through recording your translations, enabling you to reutilize recurring phrases or even sentences in the future.
  • Project management – it provides you with a complete workspace for translating, editing, and reviewing.
  • Terminology management – SDL Trados Studio provides you with translation tools to organize a termbase for words, synonyms, acronyms, and abbreviations.

Microsoft Translator

Microsoft translator app on phone screen | Microsoft Translator | 5 Translation Tools to Help You Out

Competing with Google, Microsoft has created a translation tool to make a name for themselves. Though compared with Google Translate, this tool doesn’t quite have the vast language options and features. However, Microsoft seems to focus more on quality rather than quantity. The tool doesn’t support various languages like Google, but the translation quality and the available features are undeniably more consistent across different platforms.

Also, Microsoft tends to take a lot of time gathering enough information and data before deciding to add a new language into their translation tool.


It is an award-winning application on mobile devices; its popularity has grown dramatically over the years, with more than 10 million downloads on Google Play. What makes it special and unique when compared to other translation tools is its design. iTranslate is a combination of a machine translator and a dictionary, supporting more than 95 languages with some unique features like:

  • Romanization – converting non-Latin characters and symbols into Latin characters.
  • Voice output – you can choose between a female and a male voice with a specific dialect for the translation.
  • Web Translation – A plug-in for your web browser which can translate a website quickly
  • Conversation mode – Translate and speak instantly to the chosen language.
  • Conjugation – The tool can conjugate translated verbs.

These are only some of the popular and most well-known translation tools out there. Depending on your requirements and preferences, you can choose among these five or easily find another different translation tool online. Though they are useful and can save money by using them, keep in mind that they cannot completely replace professional translators.

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