4 Valuable Lessons From Extraordinary Mentors

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Extraordinary mentors can provide you with valuable lessons and a roadmap to help you succeed in life. Here are four things to remember to help you achieve the success you desire.

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  1. Choose Yourself First
  2. Excellent Communication Skills Can Help You Win More People Over
  3. Other People’s Success Is Your Own Success
  4. Don’t Be Stingy with Giving People Credit

4 Valuable Lessons for Succeeding in Life

1. Choose Yourself First

Happy young businessman and big city | Valuable Lessons My Mentor Taught Me That Everyone Should Know | life lessons
This doesn’t mean in any way that you have to be a selfish prick or a narcissist. It just means that, before you go on loving, serving, and taking care of others, do it for yourself first.

It all boils down to this — you can’t give others what you don’t have.

  • You can’t financially support people if you don’t have the money or financial independence.
  • It may be hard to encourage others to have hope if you yourself feel hopeless.
  • You can’t love others if you don’t love yourself.
  • It’s crazy to think you can give time to your loved ones if you don’t have time to spend for yourself.

Make it a habit to choose yourself first. A good lesson you can start with is learning how to say “no.”

You might think that’s kind of selfish and rude, but saying “yes” to everything is one of the worst mistakes you can make. It doesn’t matter what others think because it’s your time, and if you don’t take care of it, you’ll come up short in your own life.

Why continuously say “yes” to your friends’ frequent invitations to go out on weeknights when you need to wake up early for work? Why should you compromise your ability to get enough sleep just so you won’t let others down?

If you don’t take care of yourself first, you won’t be able to take care of others. If you value serving others well, serve yourself first.

2. Excellent Communication Skills Can Help You Win More People Over

Business team uses a laptop to check the results of their work | Valuable Lessons My Mentor Taught Me That Everyone Should Know | leadership mentoring
Master how to communicate well.

Your ability to succeed in life hinges on your ability to get the support of very important people. After all, no man’s an island.

Your ability to succeed in your personal and professional relationships is highly dependent on being able to make them feel secure with you. If they don’t feel good with you, they’ll keep their hearts closed to you, or if they’re open, they’ll gradually start closing it.

Relationships require excellent communication skills. How you communicate your ideas, messages, and feelings determines how people perceive and remember you.

When it comes to communications skills, there are a couple of important skills worth working on:

  • Clarity — The ability to clearly convey ideas, messages, or feelings
  • Conciseness — The ability to convey them in the fewest possible words
  • Maintaining Clarity Under Pressure — The proverbial balls to communicate your message clearly, especially if what you need to communicate is difficult

Remember, if people don’t understand you, they won’t support or accept you. Also, you won’t be able to encourage and inspire them when needed.

Learn to communicate clearly and effectively and watch how well people respond to you.

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3. Other People’s Success Is Your Own Success

Group of friendly businesspeople with male leader in front | Valuable Lessons My Mentor Taught Me That Everyone Should Know | valuable life lessons
Many people think it’s a foolish idea to help others succeed. Why do that when it can help them beat you at your own game and make you look like a has-been?

Another important thing you should remember is the ultimate measure of success is the number of people you’ve helped succeed in life. Great mentors will tell you that no other metric of personal success is more relevant than the number of people you’ve helped succeed.

It takes a big person to help others succeed in this dog-eat-dog world. Small people can’t bear the thought of helping others because of the risk that the people they help will be more successful than them.

The reason why many people are against the idea of helping others succeed is because of the notion that success is as limited as the supply of gold or diamonds in the world. It’s as if success is a mutually exclusive event wherein only a limited number of people can succeed in life.

If you help others succeed, chances are they’ll be grateful to you and won’t hesitate to help you out when you’re faced with challenges in the future. Many times, your success hinges on how much help you get from others.

Helping others succeed doesn’t just make you a big person who feels genuine joy and satisfaction. It can also help you become even more successful and one step closer to reaching your long term goals.

4. Don’t Be Stingy With Giving People Credit

Happy team laughing together at a meeting in the office | Valuable Lessons My Mentor Taught Me That Everyone Should Know | leadership lessons
Do not hesitate to give credit where it’s due.

When you give people credit for accomplishments, you’re actually commending and praising them in public, which is one of the best feelings anyone can have. Even if they don’t seem to deserve it, giving them credit helps increase the likelihood of winning them over.

What’s the goal here, you may ask?

Over time, you accumulate good people who won’t wince at covering your back and supporting you when you need it. Remember, people love feeling important, and when you take the opportunity to frequently give others credit, even if it’s undeserved, you make them associate feeling important with you.

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And when that connection’s established, you’re able to build an army of people who support you wholeheartedly in your efforts to succeed in various areas of your life. Then, you’ll experience consistent success in whatever it is you put your hands to.

A great mentor won’t only tell you how to succeed, but more importantly, will show you. Find someone who inspires you and whose success journey you hope to have for yourself, then model their habits.

Soon, you may find yourself replicating not only their habits and perspectives but their success as well. Until then, these four habits from great mentors can help you get started.

Who do you consider to be your own mentor? What valuable lessons did you learn from him or her? Let us know in the comments section below.

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