How to Wind Down After Work

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Do you know that effective resting or winding down after work is essential for enhancing your quality of life? Once your mind rests well, and your body has time to retake positive energy, your brain produces more great ideas. Here are 10 guidelines to wind down after work. Read on.

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10 Ideas to Wind Down

Leave Aside

Try to obtain a habit of turning off every work notification, including e-mails, calls, and messages, once you step out of the office. Don’t convince yourself that those things are important. Give yourself 30 minutes of technology-free time each day to feel the peace and do something cool.

Enjoy Bathtime

a woman sitting in the bathtub with natural background | Enjoy Bathtime | How to Wind Down After Work

There is nothing else more relaxing than jumping straight to the bathroom and washing out all the stresses and bothers after getting home from work. If you enjoy soaking in water, drop down a bath bomb, or use your favorite essential oil, releasing beautiful scents.

Sip a Glass of Red Wine

According to many studies, alcohol or wine is a central nervous system depressant that helps calm your mind. If you’re looking for a wine, go for red. Red wine helps you effectively deal with anxiety, enhance sleep quality, and develop new ideas. Leave one glass of red wine next to your bathtub, slowly enjoy it, and see how it works.

Take a Nap

Sometimes, all you should do is just close your eyes for a few minutes and think of nothing. A 5-minute nap on your couch at home is enough to retake the energy you lost during the day. A quick nap gives you a disconnect-moment from work, eases your mind, and helps you become more productive.

Keep a Journal

a woman flipping journal | Keep a Journal | How to Wind Down After Work

Too much stress and nerve-racking work decisions today? Write them all down in a journal. It helps you relieve your negative emotions by leaving them on paper. Don’t be frustrated after work; everything is in the past. Leave them behind. Keep a journal by yourself as a ‘friend’ to talk to and show your true feelings. That friend will be a loyal listener and let you decide what you have to do next.


One of the great ways to wind down after work is to exercise. According to Harvard Health, exercise slows down the stress hormones level, pushes up the emotion elevator, and improves body painkillers. If you’re not a sports fan, go for a walk or play with your pets. Joining some sports clubs to meet other people is also a great motivator to leave your work aside and enjoy life.

Learn Something New

Are you thinking about learning to play a musical instrument? Don’t postpone it as an excuse for work. We all have time to do anything when we make time for it. Get a new guitar today and go to a music class right after work. The motivation of being at the class on time will help you quickly drop down your work and make time for yourself. Don’t be hard on yourself if it takes a while to learn. Enjoy it!


mom and her daughter dancing together | Dance | How to Wind Down After Work

If you’ve already skipped the exercise guideline above, here is one more fun thing to wind down after work. Listening to music is one of the most remarkable ways to relieve stress. How about enjoying it by moving your body? For a moment each day, let yourself go wild and crazy. Who cares if you’re not a good dancer? Let it go and feel yourself.


By creating and finishing one small thing every day, we feel satisfied with ourselves. One of those simple things is cooking. Don’t make an excuse that you don’t know how to cook. Everybody can learn. Take time playing with ingredients and creating your unique recipes. Once you’re confident with your cooking, invite your friends over to seek some comments. Whether it’s excellent or terrible, seeing loved ones enjoying your food is a fantastic feeling.

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Make a Wish-List

Let’s take a very “selfish” moment! What do you always wish to do, but haven’t done yet? List down all those things and make a plan. Spoil yourself with something that makes you feel positive and happy. Forget everything related to work, and enjoy the moment with yourself.

Those are our 10 guidelines. We’re sure that you have your own guidelines to wind down after work. Don’t hesitate to share in the comments below.

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