You Are Going To Be The Best At Anything You Do With These Tips

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Who wouldn’t like to hear “you are the best,” “you killed it,” or “you’re phenomenal” from people you respect from time to time? Read on for a few tips to help you excel in your field.

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In this article:

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  1. Identify Potential Obstacles and Work Your Way Through Them
  2. Start, Just Do It
  3. Stay Curious and Explore
  4. Find A Mentor
  5. Networking and Collaboration
  6. Learn From What Came Before You
  7. Assess, Assess, Assess
  8. Learn From Your Mistakes

How to Be Great at Anything | Achieve Your Goals By Following These Tips

1. Identify Potential Obstacles and Work Your Way Through Them

The way to success isn’t an easy, straight road. There will be road bumps, a lot of road bumps. By anticipating potential challenges, you can better prepare and increase the chance of you prevailing.

a. Doubts

Your energy and mindset manifest in everything you do. If you don’t fully believe in your product or plans, the quality of your decision-making may be affected.

Make sure to work with projects you’re really passionate about, and don’t let doubts shake your ground.

b. Procrastination

Procrastination, if done right, can be beneficial. It pays to know what time of the day you’re usually most productive and set a time to work on tasks more demanding of focus and brainpower.

With practice and discipline, you can successfully allocate your attention to tasks with different urgency and important and still be able to have time to have fun or slack off.

c. Indecisiveness

Don’t let choices and options eat your time or paralyze your decision making. Practice logical elimination and learn to trust your gut.

Being carefully decisive may need practice, but it will save you so much time.

d. Sickness

Take care of your body. If you get sick all the time, your plans can be severely affected.

e. Carelessness

To be successful, you need to be detail-oriented. You work is your signature — would you want to have a mediocre product, a half-assed project, or a mistake-ridden output?

2. Start, Just Do It

Discussion of ideas by a group of people around a table | You Are Going To Be The Best At Anything You Do With These Tips | You Are The Best | great at anything
Everything begins from a tiny step.

There are many reasons why we hold off doing the things we want to pursue. Some of us want things to be perfect and go their way, while others think they’re just not good enough to succeed.

Looking at these two reasons closely, they’re both rooted in the fear of failing. The perfectionist will refine his plan until they’re satisfied, only to stress over little things; the insecure will try to improve themselves but will still feel inadequate in the end.

Getting trapped in this kind of thinking can be paralyzing. Every minute of procrastination and holding off will put you further from your goals.

The way out is to just start doing it.

Yes, you may fail, but you can learn from your mistakes and refine your actions. Acting on your plans sets you in motion and as you slowly progress, momentum will take over.

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, start coming up with viable ideas, plan, execute, and sell. Just start—you be surprised how those tiny steps can create a big impact.

3. Stay Curious and Explore

New knowledge, ideas, and insights can be formed from new connections, correlations, and causations between different concepts.

Do you want to be a master trader? Study psychology. Do you want to be a great marketer? Study carpentry.

You’ll never know where you’ll get that nugget of wisdom you’ll need to solve the greatest problems in your field.

Keep an open mind, stay curious, and dive into different areas of knowledge from time to time. This will keep your mind healthy and increase your biological database, creativity, and problem-solving skills.

Yes, talent can be a great headstart, but talent alone is nothing without hard work, discipline, consistency, and making good choices.

4. Find A Mentor

There’s an invaluable benefit from having a person guide and shape you to becoming your best self.

A mentor can encourage and empower you. That person can help you identify and achieve your goals.

More importantly, having a mentor with vast knowledge and experience can help you pinpoint skills and information you don’t know and correct these gaps. They can guide you in having a wider perspective on opportunities and possibilities.

Having to share your journey to success with a mentor can also boost your confidence.

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5. Networking and Collaboration

Two business colleagues shaking hands during meeting | You Are Going To Be The Best At Anything You Do With These Tips | You Are The Best | you're the best around
Collaborate with others to become great.

Two heads are definitely better than one in most cases. Associating with other students of a field you’re passionate about allows for the exchange of insights and ideas that neither of you would have thought on your own.

The size of your network is the size of your knowledge base. Networking and being friends with like-minded people will also open up many opportunities for collaborations and the creation of promising projects.

6. Learn From What Came Before You

If you know where to look and ask the right questions, history can be a great teacher.

If you want to be the best in something, you have to achieve a good foundation. Sometimes this means studying and learning from those who came before you.

Do you want to master jazz and blues? Study and learn the classics.

Do you want to be a celebrated chess player? Study every game played for the last 100 years.

The difference between a master and a novice is the amount of knowledge they have on a particular subject. This knowledge advantage allows masters to be creative, break rules, and come up with something new.

7. Assess, Assess, Assess

If you want to be the best at anything, assessment should be your second nature, whether it’s self-assessment or assessment of what the greats are doing.

Self-awareness, knowing your strengths, weaknesses, motivations, and getting in touch with your emotions, is key in having greater control with your life. Make it a habit to assess your performance to come up with logical conclusions and insights on how to be better.

It doesn’t have to be extensive to the point that you’re placing unnecessary pressure on your self. You can do this by thinking about your day before going to sleep to pinpoint actions or decisions you think could be improved.

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You can also set an hour of your weekend to look back at how you did for the week and identify areas you can improve.

Aside from analyzing your decisions and progress, it also pays to look and try to study what the greats in a specific field are doing. List down things that you can apply in your life and start emulating them.

8. Learn From Your Mistakes

Three colleagues standing in front of a board and writing something on it | You Are Going To Be The Best At Anything You Do With These Tips | You Are The Best | you are the best thing
Examine mistakes to improve oneself.

You can either let your mistakes stop you from reaching your goal, or give you a quick boost to overcome your learning curve. Mistakes are great teachers as the old saying says.

If you fail at something and gave up easily, you’re probably not that interested in pursuing it. However, if you otherwise chose to pick yourself up and declared to learn from it and improve your ways, you really might be on to something.

That’s your passion right there. This is a field you’re ready to invest relentless dedication to excel and to master.

Want to reach that point where you can say you are the best at something? Your journey to be the best at anything doesn’t require major life changes and drastic decisions, because even these small changes can add up to help you improve in your field.

Remember, even simple things like talking to others who share the same interest and reading up on your field can help you become one percent better every day. Just imagine how much progress you’ll have by the end of the year.

What’s the most important quality you’re looking for a mentor? Let us know in the comments section below!

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You Are Going To Be The Best At Anything You Do With These Tips

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