Is Zoom The Best Virtual Meeting App?

2 people are having video call - feature | Is Zoom The Best Virtual Meeting App?
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Zoom is a great application for chatting with friends or colleagues over the internet, but is Zoom better than any other app for actual business meetings? It’s an incredibly important question right now, what with coronavirus forcing so many to network remotely. Let’s take a look at some competitors to Zoom to find out the answer.

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  1. Is Zoom Better Than Google Hangouts?
  2. Is Zoom Better Than Skype?
  3. Is Zoom Better Than Facetime?
  4. Is Zoom Better Than Google Meet?
  5. Is Zoom Better Than Teams?

Is Zoom Better Than Google Hangouts?

In terms of features, Zoom’s free version is unequivocally better than Google Hangouts’ free version. You are limited to 10 people in a Hangouts call, and with Zoom, you can add up to 100. The video quality in Zoom is crisper. And tons of other small features help you make the call your own.

That being said, Hangouts has a simplicity that Zoom doesn’t. It’s like the iOS of video calling apps in that anyone can use it without getting a headache. It’s also linked to a Google account, which most people already have and won’t have to create just for the app.

Is Zoom Better Than Skype?

skype icon on the phone with the computer behind | Is Zoom The Best Virtual Meeting App? | Is Zoom Better Than Skype?

Zoom is probably a bit better unless everybody meeting has a rock-solid ethernet connection to the internet. This is because Zoom is very reliable, being able to work with even spotty internet connections from anywhere in the world. The video quality might not always be perfect — a lot of Zoom users complain about blurry or pixelated images — but at least the connection quality is powerful.

Skype, on the other hand, is known for dropping calls completely at even the smallest lapse in network quality on either end. The interface is a bit clunky, too.

Skype’s big selling point is that the communication quality is superb when it does work. If all parties have a great internet connection, the video in HD quality and the audio is crystal clear.

Is Zoom Better Than Facetime?

a couple is having facetime | Is Zoom The Best Virtual Meeting App? | Is Zoom Better Than Facetime?

Yes, it is. Facetime might be more convenient if both parties have iOS devices and don’t need any features beyond simple video calling. Still, Zoom is a better option in almost any other circumstance.

Facetime is essentially a feature that adds a video feed to a phone call. Zoom, on the other hand, is an actual video conferencing software and can integrate into other apps among dozens more features. This one is a no-brainer if you’re looking to have anything more than a casual chat.

Is Zoom Better Than Google Meet?

This one really depends on whether you’re a techie or not. Google Meets isn’t as fully-featured as Zoom, but it has enough features to where it never (in our opinion) feels lacking. It’s also cheaper and integrates into Google Chrome. One of our favorite features is the free option to add meeting participants calling from phones, which is something you have to pay for in Zoom.

As we said, Zoom has a few more small features than Google Meets. Zoom also has paid versions that add even more, including up to 500-member meetings. Finally, Zoom integrates better with conference equipment, and so is a better choice for tech-heavy seminars.

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Is Zoom Better Than Teams?

Zoom is better for intra-office communication, and Microsoft Teams is better for workplace collaboration and team meetings.

Zoom is very easy to use without skimping on features. It’s easy for anyone to set up and use from anywhere in the world, and the AV quality is pretty good. It’s ideal for setting up meetings with third parties because Zoom meetings are nearly always smooth experiences.

Microsoft Teams has a bit more of a learning curve, but it is better for collaboration because it integrates with Microsoft Office 365. It’s easy to share and collaborate in real-time on projects while using Zoom, making it a better choice for people in the same workplace.

There is no single best video conferencing app for every situation. Please make a list of your needs and post it in the comments section below for some suggestions as to what is the right app for you.

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